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Why Straight Men Hate Astrology So Much

These awesome qualities make him the perfect boyfriend material, even though he can be a little stubborn from time to time. He likes a feminine, bold, and fun-loving woman that will bring a little joy and fun into his life. The Taurus man needs a supportive, sympathetic, and daring woman who will be able to take him out of his comfort zone every now and then. Gemini - A Gemini man is a spontaneous, free-spirited, and optimistic person who is constantly seeking adventure. He needs a girl who is smart, creative, and witty.

He is a bit of a joker himself, so a good sense of humor is a must. The Gemini guy likes a girl who is not afraid to make the first move and is willing to try new things. Cancer - A typical Cancer is a loyal, reliable and family-oriented guy which makes him the perfect husband material. However, Cancerians can be very sweet and emotional and they tend to wear their feelings on their sleeves. The Cancer man likes a girl who is loyal, devoted, caring and has an air of innocence about her. He needs to feel loved and safe in a relationship, both emotionally and physically.

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Leo - Leos are extremely confident, proud, and angry people who strive to be the life of the party everywhere they go. As a boyfriend, the Leo guy is very protective and generous. They are usually attracted to self-confident, outgoing, witty, smart, and beautiful women who care about their looks.

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Leo needs a woman who is honest, cares about others and always wants to give her best. Virgo - The Virgo man is intelligent, hardworking, and straightforward - he says what he means and he means what he says. However, he is a perfectionist, and not with just how he sees himself, but also his partner. He likes a girl who is tidy, well-groomed, organized and kind but not overly emotional. He needs a partner who is logical and sensible; someone who will put up with his little "quirks".

Jones is teaching her very first astrology class, and it happens to be to a room full of second-graders. The way she wants to help introduce the different astrological signs is by putting cards face down, one each, on each of the student's desks. Once she is finished distributing the car How does the government remember the difference between Astronomy and Astrology? Just like with "Eco-", you don't consider it a science if it ends with "-logy".

"It stops being an interest and becomes a personality trait: 'I'm an astrology girl.'"

When she asked me about my sign I told her I don't believe in astrology Because I'm a Sagittarius and we're skeptical. Let's be thankful WebMD never got into Astrology Otherwise everybody would just be a Cancer. Someone who has the ability to accumulate material and emotional security over time. Someone who might be a little on the luxurious side. You might also be attracted to partners that can build things — whether that be a physical structure or a financial empire. You want someone who can listen to your endless stories and then chime in with their own similar experience.

Better yet, you want someone who will create and tell stories with you. You seek partners that you can build a home with. Someone with similar values and morals.

Someone who is sensitive to emotions and their environment. Yu want someone who is in tune with themselves and the people around them.

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Wandering the canals in Amsterdam. I love working out so long as the workout is fun. The Sound of Music. So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now? If we feel that we're supposed to behave or feel a certain way, it could run in conflict with our "natural" or ingrained predispositions. She is a connoisseur of music, reads a lot. And, you make the best of friends.

LEO — Your dream partner would be a movie star. Someone in the spotlight. Whoever the sun seems to shine the brightest on is who will catch your eye. You could also be attracted to health or fitness-minded individuals. Someone with a regular gym routine, or who follows a strict diet.


So im kind bored so i did dis, enjoy:) I got my stuff from my astrology. Astrology for pets pet astrology is for the animal planet. Getting to know your North node means a lot to you as your future is uncertain. Also if you.

Seek out someone who makes to-do lists, or who has a daily ritual. A worker bee.

This is your person! Someone who might steal your soul during the night. You want someone who is trying to solve some old mystery. Someone who sees ghosts. Someone with a dark side. You might like the idea of someone with power, or being with someone who makes you feel powerful. Like a Gemini Venus, a Sag Venus will need someone who can talk.

Someone who they can both teach and learn from. Someone who loves to travel. Someone who they can learn a foreign language with. Someone who will push their mind beyond its boundaries. You are turned on by goals and ambition. You want someone who can provide emotional and financial stability.

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Someone who is disciplined and will see a project through to the end despite Capricorn being a cardinal sign. Someone to discuss aliens and quirky ideas with. Someone not quite from this world.

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Someone as eccentric and goofy as you are. You just want to know there is someone in this world that you can be weird with.