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We display it at the party and ask all of our guests to write a small note to our little man. He now has a small collection of frames displayed in his room with special memories written on each one! It is a simple and easy way to view each year. And the guests always love to see them. A birthday treasure hunt is an extremely fun birthday event.

Boy gets surprise after no one came for his birthday

When kids are younger, doing a treasure hunt in the house is easiest. As they get older you can make a treasure hunt around the neighborhood and they can ride bikes between clues!

How I set up a treasure hunt : We write the last clue first that leads to the present and hide the present there, then write the next clue before that and hide that clue, then the one before that — working backwards until we have a beginning clue to put into an envelope. Do you have golden birthdays? When you turn the same age as the day of your birthday, like turning 8 on the 8th?

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I would do this about 10 times before the final reveal of where the presents are. Sometimes there would be presents along the way with the next clue taped to it. She would hide them all over the house. I used to love this and it makes the opening of gifts last longer. This can be made of fabric or felt you can find adorable fabric crowns on Etsy. Or you can simply make one out of paper. It could even be a birthday party activity — you cut out the crowns and let the kids decorate.

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Recite a Special Birthday Chant. Maybe you sing Happy Birthday, maybe not, but what if your family has their own twist on this tradition?

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Bad news is we sing off key! Good news is we sing for free! Happy happy Birthday birthday Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! We have a fabric birthday banner we hang every year. Your family could enjoy something as small as a hike, a bowling trip, or as big as a trip to Hawaii, but they should suit your family, not what your friends or in-laws love. We take a big trip somewhere none of us has ever been before. We start talking about it when they turn 8. It takes lots of planning but is so much fun. My 6 yr old is already thinking about where he wants to go.

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Some of the best birthday traditions are born out birthday disasters. One time when we were kids my mom was sick in bed on my birthday. We had birthday parties on the bed for years after that because it was so much fun. No candles — a flashlite or lighters. Add your own unique birthday tradition! What delights your kids on their birthdays? Scroll down to leave a comment.

Let there be cake (celebrating 9 years of L&OO!)

Like It? Share it! So many great ideas here! Birthdays are so fun. I love that marshmallow cake- and the idea of roasting them outside. Perfect for a Summer party. Beautiful post! Our son wanted to be Superman but with an L in place of the S. Combine this giant pink b.. Have it your way as you personalize it and include this number 4 shap.. Combine this balloon with numb.. Combine this giant red balloon wi.. Combine this pink balloon..

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Combine this Silver balloon wi.. Combine this bright pink.. Display an age, anniversary or year using our s..

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Display an age, anniversary or year using our B.. Have it your way as you personalize it and include this number 9 shap.. INR 1, Shape Foil Balloon. All Aboard Balloon Bouquet. Our customer support team is here to answer your questions.

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Ask us anything! Hi, how can we help? Happy Birthday! Porcupine Cliparts.

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