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At a Glance: Late Dr Shrikant Jichkar, India's one of the most learned politicians

James first learnt astrology from R. Padia Saheb learnt astrology through 3 books and then mainly from his meticulous observation skills sharpened through decades. He has been a extremely beloved friend of Saptarishis Astrology since many years and now has written the very first article of his life for Saptarishis Astrology at this ripe age of We expect many articles to come out of his experience and in this venture SA Team member Andree Leclercs hard work is appreciated in teaming up with P.

Padia and making this possible. So, above all, we need to judge how many bad and unfavourable yogas are present and evaluate their strength. At the same time, we should If bad yogas are more powerful than good yogas, this will definitively create difficulties, disappointments, hardships and unhappiness in the life of the native.

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And if good yogas are prevailing over bad yogas, there will be happiness, harmony, peace and progress in the natives life. One need not worry from hearing the word Panoti which means bad luck, before getting afraid of it one must judge how much percentage Panoti will act good or bad, this comes with experience in this method.

The applications to natal charts you will find below are issued from my own research and are not available in any text book. I have applied this technique to natal Moon, other planets and also houses as all these can be found to be under Panoti. You are now invited to discover and experience with this secret. Colloquially the word Panoti means Bad Luck. We want to see that Panoti is afflicting the Moon first and then we look for other Panoti factors.

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Here are the causes for Natal Panoti yoga to be present: 1. Saturn placed in the 4H or 8H from the Moon. Saturn afflicting the natal Moon by conjunction to it or by being placed in the 12H or 2H from the Moons position. Saturn placed in the 4H or 8H from the any other house, planet or karaka will also cause Panoti to these or, here also, by being posited as above in conjunction, 12H or 2H from said house, planet or karaka. If there are Raja yogas in the natal chart at the time of birth, and at the same time there is malefic Panoti yoga, the benefic results of Raja yoga will be reduced by 50 percent or the native will not get benefic results of Raja yoga.

By transit, when Saturn is in the 4H or in 8H from the Moon, it makes a small Panoti yoga for 2 years and when Saturn is in 12H from Moon, or with the Moon or in 2H from Moon, it makes a Big Panoti for 7 years, which contains 3 steps: To clarify the application of Panoti by transit, please see Annex 1 this will also give you the Panotis on each natal Moon sign for Saturns latest transits and the coming one. Benefic Panoti Yogas: Copper and Silver based Panotis give good results for progress in worldly happiness and easy achievements.

Each has a separate method for calculating it. This is not a good yoga it gives anxiety, worries, and during this period the native has to suffer struggle, hardships and uneasiness in his life. This is not a good yoga either and during this period the native has to do very hard work to achieve goals and to fulfill his desires and suffers more struggle, hardship and uneasiness in his routine work.

This sometimes badly affects the native, transforming him or her from hero to zero! This is a good yoga that gives good progress in worldly happiness in the subject of money, business, service, family matters and daily work, etc. This is a very good yoga that gives good progress in worldly happiness in the subject of money, business, service, family matters, daily work, etc. And, if Saturn is a friend of the above ascendant Lord or Lord of Moons sign , it will cause less harm in comparison to the above.

And further, if it is also retrograde, then it becomes triple times malefic in giving undesirable results. It is like the transit will deliver the promise of the natal chart. If these are afflicted by malefic planets or by Panoti yoga, the native has to do very hard work to achieve goals and to fulfill his desires and suffers more struggles, hardships and uneasiness in his daily life.

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar

This sometimes badly affects the native, downgrading him or her from hero to zero. If the above factors are strong and benefic then Panoti yoga will be less harmful.

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This point is extremely important and cannot be ignored. When Saturn produces Panoti yoga and affects the above factors either by conjunction or aspect, it gives malefic results pertaining to their indications. To sum it up, as you will read on, you will realize that all charts have Panoti if not from the Moon, at least from some houses, Lord or karaka.

Do not discard the technique since Saturn, as the great Karma Karaka, has for a mission to dispense everyone their allotted karma. Points 5. When Panoti is active in a chart, the houses, Lords or karakas that Saturn will aspect will suffer more harm if they are weak in any way. This is the key. Although this concept may look too simple or too easy to implement.

I vouch over this since 5 decades of experience with this technique proved that it is most most essential in judging the capability of a chart with this and cannot be ignored. Mahapursuha Yogas, Rajayogas all fail, one of the reasons being Panoti yoga. But read this article very minutely without missing a single point since if you do miss one point, you will not be able to grasp the technique and after that, apply it on 20 charts and behold how beautifully it will act.

Chart 1: Lord Rama. So we will not discuss about these planets positions. In this horoscope, the positions we will consider are the Ascendant is Cancer, Lord of the Ascendant, Moon, is in its own house with exalted Jupiter, the Lord of 9H house of Grace of Guru, Grace of God and Fate , as well as Lord of 6H enemies, quarrels and step-mother.

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This horoscope shows several very benefic yogas like Hamsha yoga, Gajekeshari yoga, Malavaya yoga, Sasha yoga, Raja yogas But all these became weak in their worldly manifestation due to Panoti yoga and gave extreme hardships to the bearer of the chart. Saturn is an enemy of the Ascendant as well as enemy of the Ascendant Lord Moon point 5.

Saturn is Lord of the 8H and its mulatrikona sign being the 8H makes it most malefic. Moreover, it is karaka of the 8H, is exalted and retrograde point 5. Retrograde planets are far away from the Sun and closer to the Earth.

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Consequently, whatever qualities they have, good or bad, according to their natural personality and their houses bhavas lordship, will manifest extremely powerfully in producing good or bad. Given this principle, Saturn is a most malefic planet in this horoscope and it is in Panoti Yoga as follows: This most malefic Saturn is making Panoti to the Ascendant, the Ascendant Lord, to the karaka of domestic life Moon, karaka of 4H , to the 9H including Venus placed therein and to exalted Jupiter, the 9th Lord who is also karaka of the 9H, karaka of grace of guru, God and fate.

So fate becomes weakened. But, we will get retributions according to our good or bad luck ones fate. Here, the 9th Lord and 9H karaka Jupiter is in Panoti yoga by Saturn being in the 4th to it and also afflicted by two malefic planets, Saturn and Mars. This indicates that his enemy, Ravana, was strong and powerful in his ability and expertise in all fields. He was a Brahmin, spiritual, a well learned person who had knowledge of the four Vedas and had control over the 9 grahas planets he was called Tri-Loka Swami as he had conquered all the Gods in heaven.

Ravana enemy , the great personality, was defeated because the 6th Lord is under Panoti yoga and is afflicted by 2 malefic planets, Saturn and Mars. It shows that his step-mother was powerful and dominating over the family and she became the cause Panoti of Ramas unhappiness and exile to the forest. Most malefic Saturn is in the 4H his own mother and karaka of the 4H, Moon, is in Panoti yoga being afflicted by 2 malefic planets so, his own mother could not promote him for coronation.

One must understand that due to not knowing the exact date of birth it is not possible to find out the Base of Saturn whether Copper, Gold etc. Chart 2: Silver base Panoti -Jimmy Page. Remember the good old Led Zeppelin days? For those of you who are not acquainted with this piece of musical history, legendary Led Zep has been one of the most popular and influential rock bands of all times.

Jimmy Page, as the bands leader, combined an excessively dexterous guitarist with a resourceful composer and very thoughtful manager. It is said that for every record, he hired a new team of technicians so that no one could claim that the Led Zeppelin trademark sound could be attributed to others input. Panoti yoga is formed in his natal chart from two angles: 1- by the occupation of Saturn in the 12H from the Moon which affects also houses 7, 8 and 9 2- by the occupation of Saturn in the 8H from the Ascendant On the day of Saturns ingress in the sign of Taurus which occurred before his birth, the Moon was placed at 28o29 Cancer thus being in the 2H from Natal Moon this Moon degree was for his birth location of Herstmon, UK.

Thus, Panoti is created here on the Base of Silver. Referring to our item 4. Saturn is Yoga karaka for his Libra Ascendant which implies that he is Lord of an angle and a trine. He is also a friend of Mercury, the Moons dispositor points 5. Being retrograde makes it strong but its conjunction with retrograde Mars, aspected by Ketu and placed in the 8H this situation grants Saturn considerable afflictions.

Hardships are shown in his chart by the aspects of Saturn, Mars and Rahu on Venus, the Ascendant Lord and simultaneously on the 2H and are certainly responsible for his heavy drugs addiction.

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