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Costs related to health may be a matter of concern.

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It is essential that you take things light and comfortable in the relationship. Avoid negative thoughts and remain happy. Health will not be encouraging.

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You are prone to suffer from back pain and digestion problems. You will fulfill the wishes of your family members. Take care of their health. Watch your communication and try to control your anger, especially while dealing with family members. Children would show excellent abilities. Rivals will have the upper hand between September and November.

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The entry of a newborn to the family may get delayed. Get your weekly horoscope and weekly astrology from KamalKapoor. People who are expecting their PR or Green Card etc.

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Permanent settlement out of the country is possible in this year. Your wealth is likely to be stable in this year, but as you are likely to spend more and controlling your expenses would be rather difficult for you, hence your saving may not be on a level which you are expecting. You can expect a good change in savings, work-related progress after 5th of November this year. If you are expecting a promotion or any change in your job, then favorable progress will only be visible after the 5th of November.

As already mentioned above, Saturn is going to remain in your 9th house for the whole of the year. Saturn is having Lordship of your 10th and 11th houses. This year is going to be stable and showing good results for your Career and Financial prospects.

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Some delay and on and off obstacles are to be expected, but eventually, you are likely to overcome them all. Even though stead flow of income will be there, but due to excessive expenses the saving may not be on a reasonable scale. Saturn is giving aspect to your 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses.

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Due to it's aspect to 3rd house, your compatibility and relationship with your siblings could suffer adversely, and you would do well to remain cautious and careful regarding the same. You will do well regarding subduing the competition arising in your business, and you are likely to overcome the competition and your adversaries in your business or at your workplace.

If you are expecting a promotion at your workplace, then you have excellent chances after 5th of November this year.

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Get your daily Aries horoscope and Aries today horoscope from free source for Find your daily horoscope and free daily Readings from keithaicumvolkra.cf We. Find Aries October Horoscope, Aries Monthly horoscope, Aries Monthly horoscope Get your monthly horoscope and monthly astrology from KamalKapoor.

Till that time you should keep on giving your best at work. If you are expecting to change your job, or are working hard towards a suitable break, then your chances will be positive after the first week of November. Similarly, if you are trying for a job abroad, you have excellent opportunities for the same in this year, due to an aspect of Jupiter on your 12th house until the first week of November.

If you are looking to start a fresh business, then the period from October onwards is a positive period for starting the same.

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Venus is transiting over your 7th house in October, and the transit is fruitful for initiating new business. This year promises to be good for getting into wedlock. Jupiter and Saturn Transits are going to bestow you with love and luck in your married life. At the beginning of the year, Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio Sign, and Mars being the friend of Jupiter the results are in general going to be positive unless Natal Chart has malefic placements of the planets.

Jupiter is a natural benefic and benevolent planet, and it's results are going to be good for marriage, married life, and progeny aspects. On the other hand, Saturn is going to remain in Sagittarius Sign the whole of the year Saturn is going to be transiting in the nakshatra of Venus for the whole of the year. Venus being a natural significator of marriage and related matters are likely to strengthen the chances of marriage for you in In a nutshell if you are unmarried, then your chances to get married are likely to get increases.

If you are already married, you can expect stability and joy in your married life. After 5th of November chances are bright when Jupiter will transit in 9th house. In nutshell marriage and marriage related scenario looks healthy and eventful for you in this year. This Year is indicating mixed results in your Love Life, especially the people who have lost hope in love.

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They do not need to be disheartened and should give love a second chance. This year could start on a damp note, as there is the possibility of misunderstanding and bickering in your love life. Jupiter's transit is in 8th house, so chances of stress are possible. Things will be better around April onwards in your love life, and the difference is likely to be sorted out.

By around October-November, things could go out of hand in your love life. Chances of misunderstanding and breakup etc. Try to control your aggressive behavior. Your misplaced ego is likely to stop you from admitting your mistakes and taking the best step forward to mending your fences with your lover. Try to shed your ego and patiently try to listen to your lover's viewpoint before making the decision of breakup.

You will witness a significant change in your educational prospects after 5th of November when Jupiter will shift its transit over 9th house. Overall the year should be reasonably good for educational and intellectual pursuits. Proper concentration and hard work put in by students will give them good results.

http://sme.ltd.uk/9130.php Anyone appearing for any competitive examinations is likely to do much better after the 5th of November Students who are studying in school are going to fare better in their class exams and general educational performance. The year is going to be excellent for the students who are studying in higher degree courses like medicine, engineering, etc, as Jupiter is transiting in 9th house which is the house of destiny after 5th of November Students who are going to choose their subjects for further study are likely to choose the right subjects this year.

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Parents would do well not to force their children in taking up subjects against their interest and wish. Let the kids decide for themselves as to which subjects they want to choose. It will enter Gemini Sign in your 3rd house from 7th of March onwards, so it is possible that at the beginning of the year till 7th of March students may get confused about choosing the right subjects.

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Another favorable aspect of is an increased level of energy, therefore you will feel more enthusiastic and you will manage to carry out your plans successfully. Read in detail Leo Horoscope You look set to have an on-off relationship with risk and finances during Students who are studying in school are going to fare better in their class exams and general educational performance. Success in competitive exams and interviews is required pre-planning as well little bit hard-working as transiting Saturn and Ketu over the 9th House might create an atmosphere of mystification and some difficulties. This is a good time for Pisces natives.

Avoid constant and frequent traveling in the first half of the year, mainly from May to August.